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Great show with wide range of topics & guests.

Great showthat I've been checking on for the past 6 months. Great guests and topics. The audio quality could be betteror more consistent to get me to tune in to every episode. 👍 .


As an immigrant, loved hearing more of Linh's story, but overall the feed is little too crypto centric.


Cool to hear the team. Have been publishing stories on Hacker Noon for a few years. Great to see and hear the actual voices of the team. Utsav, Natasha, Linh, David - see you back on the internet!


Juan Benet interview was great. Surprised how humble he is - and how willing he is to explain and breakdown how complex things work.

Excellent 😊

Wow this interview with John McAfee. So much fun and different. Haha.

Love podcast

Love this podcast

Great overall tech round ups!

Keep it up guys. Love the guests and love the content. Super informative and not run of the mill stuff.

Quality Tech Interviews

Great to “meet” the humans behind technology’s greatest innovations

Awesome podcast

This is the best new technology podcast .. it contains great interviews with real tech professionals... I really love hacker noon .. really recommend

Breakout Quotes

Love opening the pod with the guests warmed up wisdom


amazing host with excellent guest line up