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May 31, 2019  

Crypto Disrupted Joins Hacker Noon

May 31, 2019

Hacker Noon, the independent tech media site, has acquired Crypto Disrupted, the blockchain and cryptocurrency podcast.

The first episodes will be released in late September 2018. You can subscribe today by visiting

“Crypto Disrupted has built a high-quality community,” said Hacker Noon Founder & CEO David Smooke. “We’re very excited to put more production resources and distribution efforts into a podcast together.”

Over the last calendar year (Aug 17 - Aug 18), Hacker Noon stories have generated 95,000,000+ pageviews. To date, this has been text stories, but in a recent Hacker Noon survey, 71% of readers said they would like to listen to a Hacker Noon podcast.

“I am honored to be the host of the Hacker Noon podcast,” said startup founder and tech journalist Trent Lapinski. “We’re still going to be covering blockchain, just now we will be able to cover it with a larger audience, as well as other emerging technologies, hacking, and entrepreneurship.”

Crypto Disrupted will still be releasing already recorded episodes, then will remain on YouTube and as an archive.

Early guest commitments for the new Hacker Noon podcast include:

  • Tracy Chou, Founding Advisor at Project Include and The Arena Summit (formerly Pinterest, USDS and Quora)
  • John Cutler, Product Evangelist at Amplitude.
  • Suhail Doshi, Mixpanel Founder & Investor
  • Natalie Fratto, VP Early Stage Practice SVB Financial
  • Joseph Flaherty, Founder Collective Director’s of Content & Community (and former Wired writer)
  • Daniel Jeffries, Author, Futurist, and Thinker.
  • Brett Gibson, Initialized Capital Partner
  • Toni Lane, Founder of Culture - a global movement to create a more liberated human race.
  • Greg Osuri, CEO at Overclock Labs, creator of Akash Network
  • Taylor Pearson, Author
  • Grace Rachmany, CEO
  • Hiten Shah, Investor & Entrepreneur
  • Garry Tan, Initialized Capital Partner
  • Erik Vermeulen, Professor of Business and Financial Lat at Tilburg University
  • Hunter Walk, Partner at Homebrew VC (former YouTube, Google, and Second Life product lead)
  • Kelley Weaver, Melrose PR CEO
  • Peter Yang, Senior Product Manager at Twitch

The Hacker Noon podcast will explore new mediums for delivering the truth about how the tech industry actually functions.

Interested sponsors and guests can reach the company at [email protected]

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