April 21, 2021

How Many Devs Does It Take to Fly on Mars?

What's David's hot take on Facebook's pivot to audio? Hands up if you think the Mars Helicopter video is a deep fake! ALSO: are kids growing up during a global panini more likely to get face tattoos? 😱 Shoot the …

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April 20, 2021

Should I Use An Embedded Database In My Mobile Application?

Amy Tom chats to Jens Alfke about embedded databases in mobile applications and how they live within your application and sync to your server. Jens is the Mobile Architect at Couchbase and a former Software Engineer at Apple. They talk …

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April 15, 2021

Does a Bear Shitcoin in the Woods?

Has the market cap of cryptocurrencies really exceeded that of Apple? Should you have started buying shitcoins in 2013? Does Microsoft really want to acquire Discord? Do we still trust Fitbit? This Week on Planet Internet: HackerNoon CEO David Smooke …

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April 13, 2021

Document Databases vs Relational Databases

Javascript developers rejoice! Amy Tom talks to Eric Bishard and Arun Vijayaraghavan about the differences between a Document Database and a Relational Database. Eric and Arun explain JSON Document Databases and also discuss NodeJS SDKs, ODMs vs ORMs, an...

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April 8, 2021

Reviewing The Results Of The 2020 Tech Lead Developer Survey

In this episode, Amy Tom talks to Matt Groves, the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase, and Brant Burnett, the Systems Architect at CenterEdge Software about the results from the 2020 Tech Lead Developer survey that was conducted by Couchbase. …

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March 26, 2021

How Decentralized Can We Get in The Modern World?

Amy Tom (a new voice on the podcast and a Hacker Noon editor!) is joined by Sharmini Ravindran, the CMO at Mysterium Network. They discuss achieving anonymity from the modern Internet, incentivizing peer-to-peer networks on a global scale to improve …

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Feb. 15, 2021

The Definitive Bubbleball Book and The Future of the NBA's Revenue

The Washington Post's Ben Golliver joins Hacker Noon CEO David Smooke to discuss the process of writing his new book, "Bubbleball: Inside the NBA's Fight to Save a Season," and the pandemic's impact on the NBA's revenue. With no/few fans …

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Nov. 27, 2020

The Making of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners | Skydance Interacti…

In this special episode of the Hacker Noon podcast, Limarc talks to Mark Domowicz and Todd Adamson from Skydance Interactive, the acclaimed developer of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, one of the best virtual reality games on the market …

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Nov. 25, 2020

The Making of Arizona Sunshine | Vertigo Games Podcast

In this podcast, Limarc talks to Arjen van Heck from Vertigo Games, one of the biggest VR game developers in the industry, and the renowned creators of the zombie apocalypse game Arizona Sunshine. Vertigo Games has proven to be a …

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Oct. 28, 2020

Catching up with NIS America | How COVID has Changed the Gaming Indus…

In this podcast, Limarc talks to Erin Kim from NIS America, the respected developers of the Disgaea and Prinny series. They are also the publisher of many of the most popular Japanese role-playing games that have been ported to English …

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Oct. 21, 2020

Gaming on the Blockchain Becomes Larger Than Just Gaming

Idan Zuckerman is a co-Founder at Upland and talks to Hacker Noon about his experiences from developing Upland - A EOS-based MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game). Joining Utsav as a co-Host is Reza Jafery, the Chief Blockchain Officer at Akoin. …

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Oct. 21, 2020

Business Blockchains: Whither Now?

Lars Rensing is the CEO at PROTOKOL and a co-Founder at ARK.io and talks to Hacker Noon about his experiences from developing PROTOKOL - to solve real business challenges through the power of custom blockchain solutions. Joining Lars is Justin …

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Oct. 4, 2020

The Push vs Pull Life: Cons of Recommendation Systems

In this podcast, Limarc talks to Microsoft Engineer and Noonies Nominee Nataraj Sindam. In this second segment of a 3-part podcast, Nataraj and Limarc talk about the push vs pull life and the cons of recommendation systems. With thanks to …

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Oct. 2, 2020

The Future of Tech Belongs to Those Who Build It

What are the best product development principles and processes for building a better internet? Those who design, decide. I may have trained an AI to host this podcast — but the tech industry insights inside are all 100% human. Tune …

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Sept. 30, 2020

AI and Quantum Computing to the Rescue

Ever wondered what a podcast would sound like if it was hosted by an AI? Look no further. In this episode of Hacker Noon's Noonies chatcast series, Natasha Nel's AI alter-ego asks three top Hacker Noon Contributors which technological innovation …

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Sept. 25, 2020

The Reciprocation Effect: How Fornite and Spotify Make Millions

In this podcast, Limarc talks to Microsoft Engineer and Noonies Nominee Nataraj Sindam. In part 1 of this podcast, Nataraj and Limarc talk about The Freemium Model and The Reciprocation Effect, a pricing strategy used by some of the world’s …

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Sept. 23, 2020

Stellar and Akoin on The Unsexy Side of Blockchain — Regulation, Bank…

Denelle Dixon is the CEO at the Stellar Development Foundation, a non-profit organization to support the development and growth of the open-source Stellar network. Reza Jafery is the Chief Blockchain Officer at Akoin, the crypto-foray by Akon to evolve, ...

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Sept. 22, 2020

How To Solve Problems Like a Software Developer

Problem solving — technologists do it differently.™ Natasha Nel asks 5 top Hacker Noon Contributors to share their secret problem-solving frameworks, so that we can all learn to think like devs, during a time in which troubleshooting skills couldn't be …

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Sept. 21, 2020

Decentralization Debate Club: Blockchain, Autonomy, and DeFi

Has what started with Satoshi spun off into an hype-driven, ICO-indulgent startup industry of solutions for nothing? Or is blockchain technology and the mass decentralization it makes possible still worth the hype? Answered in 5 minutes by two top Hacker...

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Sept. 15, 2020

Black Mirror Tech IRL: Hacker Noon Writers on What’s Worrying in 2021

Natasha Nel from Hacker Noon asks 7 Top Hacker Noon Contributors to weigh in with their scariest tech predictions for 2021 — expect a 10-minute American Horror Story anthology on everything from AI and Privacy to Content Overproduction and the …

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Sept. 8, 2020

Technology Trends for 2021: A Forecast from Hacker Noon’s Top Writers

Natasha Nel asks 10 of Hacker Noon’s Top Contributors to weigh in with their strategic tech predictions for 2021 — expect a briefing on everything from recession startups and (self) edtech to AI applied to end Covid-19 and the commoditization …

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Sept. 8, 2020

Storytelling in Virtual Reality - The State of VR w/One Hamsa

In this podcast, Limarc talks to VR video game developers Assaf Ronen and Dave Levy from One Hamsa about storytelling in virtual reality and the state of VR in 2020. Assaf and Dave talk about their success on the Oculus …

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Sept. 4, 2020

Natasha from Hacker Noon Reads You a Tech Story or Two · EP01

This week’s top tech stories on hackernoon.com cover everything from robots to unicorns. Tune in for a 6-min summary from Natasha Nel, Managing Editor at Hacker Noon; read hackernoon.com for the full stories. IN THIS PODCAST: 🤖 Insights Into the …

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Aug. 31, 2020

How to Hack a Huge Career in Tech with PR Expert & Founder Sarah Evans

Natasha Nel from hackernoon.com sits down with Sarah Evans—tech industry PR legend and strategic communications startup founder—to talk all things branding and influence: from personal to B2B. In this podcast: How to accumulate 100k *genuine* followers o...

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