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March 26, 2021  

How Decentralized Can We Get in The Modern World?

March 26, 2021

Amy Tom (a new voice on the podcast and a Hacker Noon editor!) is joined by Sharmini Ravindran, the CMO at Mysterium Network. They discuss achieving anonymity from the modern Internet, incentivizing peer-to-peer networks on a global scale to improve personal privacy and data control, and the humanitarian aspects of Internet accessibility.

In this episode, Amy and Sharmini chat about:

  • Whether true decentralization from the modern Internet is possible or not (20:00)
  • The shift towards distributed permissionless peer-peer networks (03:45)
  • VPN nodes that allow anonymous bandwidth sharing between peers (13:25)
  • The humanitarian impact of the Internet and what happens when control is taken away from the user (27:00)
  • The varying levels of control placed upon the Internet in different countries (11:15, 22:30)

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