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August 10, 2020  

How (and Why) to Build and Launch Products in 24hrs with Zoe Chew

August 10, 2020
Natasha Nel interviews 6x Noonie Nominee*, Contributor, and Prolific Maker, Zoe Chew, to talk Product, Tech, Startups, and Marketing.
*PUBLIC NOMS CLOSE AT NOON ON WED, 12 AUG: Last chance to get your best in tech (or yourself) nominated for some well-deserved industry recognition this year! Choose from over 200+ Tech Industry Awards and Add Your Last-Minute Noonies Nominations at NOONIES.TECH today :rocket:
  • How to transition from a marketing career to product building and consulting
  • How to come up with good ideas for great products 
  • How to build and launch products in 24 hours
  • The value of keeping things simple
  • How to keep yourself accountable to your goals and stop procrastinating
  • Strategies for success as a solo founder
  • Zoe’s 3-level approach to branding and marketing yourself as a tech professional / introvert
  • How to stay productive and motivated working remotely
  • And so much more!

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