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January 28, 2019  

E21 - Hacking The Tokenization of Assets with Danny An of TrustToken

January 28, 2019

Episode 21 of the Hacker Noon Podcast: An interview with Danny An, CEO and Co-Founder of TrustToken.

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In this episode Trent Lapinski and Danny An discuss tokenized assets, stable coins, True USD, and cryptocurrency.

“Compliance is definitely a top priority for us.”

“True USD is meant to be as regulatory compliant as possible. We recently published a stable coin code of ethics, where we said, ‘hey, here is some of the things we learned about creating a stable coin, and some of the past lessons we learned historically.’”

“We’re never actually going to prevent redemptions, because we think a stable coin is only good as its ability to redeem the underlying US dollars. We said we would never influence the price of a stable coin purposely by offering discounts. We will continue to be as regulatory compliant as possible and sustain the stable coin so it is not knocked down by miscompliance.”— Danny An

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