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July 23, 2019  

#CrazyTechStories @ GitHub, San Francisco, CA, United States

July 23, 2019


Where Hacker Noon brings you a handful of stories from the community at large.

This #CrazyTechStories is part of a larger series of talks presented in association with PubNub and GitHub at GitHub's San Francisco location.

This episode of Hacker Noon is sponsored by PubNub. 

Visit to check out how PubNub brings you APIs for realtime apps

In this episode you'll hear three talks from three Hacker Noon contributing writers:

Pranava Adduri - Productivity Hacker Using Modern Text Editors

Lily Chen - Feature Fatigue Kills UX

Jordan Schuetz - Real Time APIs that Transform the Human Experience (feat. Peloton & Logitech)


Listen to the talks on iTunes or watch on YouTube.

Production and music by Derek Bernard - 


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