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Your Brain on Instagram Activism

Natasha Nel, Managing Editor at Hacker Noon, has a meandering conversation with the addiction psychologist who lives in her house — in his non-professional capacity — about what might happening to Our Brains on Social Media, as we stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter.

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E10 - Health Hacks with Casey Fenton of UpStock and CouchSurfing

Episode 10: Part 2 of an interview with Casey Fenton, CEO and Founder of UpStock (, and Co-Founder of CouchSurfing ( Listen to Episode 9 for part 1 of this interview on Ego Hacking.

In this episode Trent and Casey discuss health hacks, how to live longer, and how to improve your overall health with simple tips and tricks.

"If you can get someone in your life who loves you, to help you hack yourself… to get you to think 'I care about my health, I care about my health, I want to live a healthy way for a long time.' Get someone to help you get that kernel, that little nugget that is health hacking, and that will grow." 

"You will start to see all little things in your environment, all over the place, that corroborate and bolster of this identity that 'I care about my health, and I love myself,' and all that good stuff."- Casey Fenton

Production and music by Derek Bernard -
Host: Trent Lapinski -

E05 - Health Insurance and Blockchain with Nick Soman

Episode 5: An interview with Nick Soman, CEO of, on how to fix the healthcare industry using blockchain technology.

Production and music by Derek Bernard -
Host: Trent Lapinski -