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Trump vs. The Internet

What just happened to the internet!? Did our President just sign an executive order that forces social media platforms to be his personal mega phone? Hacker Noon CPO Dane Lyons and CEO David Smooke discuss the possible implications on 45's attempt to change internet law. Some sources discussed in this episode:

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Holochain Deep Dive with Arthur Brock and Eric-Harris-Braun

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In this episode Utsav Jaiswal interviews Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun, Co-Founders of Holochain - an Open Source framework for building fully distributed, peer-to-peer applications. 

They talk about Holochain’s mission and values, how it differs from Blockchains, and how to manage distributed teams. 


“What we've been interested in is really how do we collectively shape currents, flows for a better world, for greater collective intelligence, for coordinating and collaborating better.”

 - Arthur Brock


“Holochain is what we've come to after a very long time and a lot of intense efforts in understanding those (biological) patterns of how to create tools for distributed collective intelligence... And Holochain is our answer to being able to do that.”

- Eric Harris-Braun


“It creates currencies that are not speculated. It creates currencies that are based on actual production. People, for a long time, have been wondering why we have all these currencies when the government can issue as much of it as they want, whenever they want. 

It's funny, in the blockchain world, they call their currencies non-fiat and government currencies - fiat, but blockchain currencies are also actually fiat. 

They are declared out of nowhere

Whereas, if you do this other pattern of creating mutual credit currencies based on productive capacity, then you are actually creating something that represents actual value in the world and our economics can become based on value rather than speculation.”

- Eric Harris-Braun


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Linh Dao Smooke and Utsav Jaiswal discuss Decentralization, Challenges, and Solutions with The NEM Foundation’s President Alex Tinsman and NEM CTO Nate D’Amico

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In this episode Linh Dao Smooke and Utsav Jaiswal interview Alex Tinsman, President at Foundation and NEM’s CTO Nate D’Amico.  

They discuss cryptocurrency adoption, difference between NEM, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain platform, and Nem.IO Foundation, gender role in crypto tech spheres, blockchain decentralization, Nem’s operation mindset and the future of NEM. 

Interview was recorded on January 18th, 2020. 

“What's pretty interesting about the trajectory with the path for the NEM is that it was so forward thinking with the security features that it has always overcome and remained when all these other coins on platforms kind of went away. I think it has a bright future with technology. Platforms like NEM stick around because they are forward thinking with their features and their abilities.” 

“I want to be a part of change and the only way to do so is to educate yourself. And the only way to educate yourself is to get dirty. To get dirty with the code, get dirty with the channels, understand. Get into the thick of it. And then it gets really exciting [blockchain and cryptocurrency) because it opens up the opportunity for anyone. Anyone, no matter what your skills set is, everyone has the same level of playing field.  So I don't really think of it as a female thing, I think of it as an empowering tool that anyone and everyone can be a part of. So to me it's not gender, it's a movement.” -

Alex Tinsman

“If someone on even local, city council level wanted to do a similar voting style that we are using for the NEM ecosystem, they could launch a private or public chain and it doesn't really matter as functionally of the network would be doing the same thing. They could launch a private chain or public chain and still make it auditable, so anyone could have a verifiable data that they would check and download. And then they could configure that network by just tuning a couple labs when they launch it to decide how the consensus works. So if you’re launching a six server node of private network for local city council loading and you’re gonna use it once and then archive it for historical verification purposes, and then every year stand up a new network - you could configure it in a very simplified way that gives you total control on how to protect the network.”

- Nate D'Amico


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E40 - The Technology and Humanity Interface with Cris Beasley of Hack Reality

Episode 40 of the Hacker Noon Podcast: An interview with Cris Beasley of Hack Reality, a podcast that explores technology, creativity and love.

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In this episode Trent Lapinski interviews Cris Beasley from Hack Reality, you get to learn about how technology interfaces with humanity, what pitfalls may occur and how technology helps to build better future for humanity.

“I am also spinning up a lab to bring together artists and technologists to create performance pieces that stretch consciousness and alter consciousness.”

“I thought a lot over the last few years of how we can be responsible technology-makers and make things that make us more even.”

“And I believe that we absolutely can transcend where we are in our current humanity. As long as we are building things that have this intent.”

“Then the question becomes how can you tell whether you are building something that is helping or hurting.” -

Cris Beasley

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E30 - Why is leaving Medium?

Episode 30 of the Hacker Noon Podcast: An interview with David Smooke, CEO and founder of

In this episode Trent Lapinski interviews David Smooke concerning the future of They discuss some of the recent events concerning Medium, and why will eventually be moving away from Medium with the coming launch of Hacker Noon 2.0.

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